Print Templates

Making Your Own Artwork?

These 300dpi/ppi print templates are provided, free of charge, for common print design needs. These are provided, as is, without any warranty of any kind. These downloads will help provide a reference point or framework for your project, as you see fit. The download options are limited to what is on this page, but new options will be added regularly.

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All templates provided include a ⅛” bleed. The technical specs are listed with the object.


The standard business card has dimensions of 3.5″ by 2.0″. The traditional card was always printed width-wise, but modern, artistic interpretations of the card easily permit a card to be presented with artwork oriented length-wise. For printing purposes, orientation does not matter in the least. 

  • business card template
  • Specifications: 300dpi/CMYK


    With Bleed
    3.75 inches w x 2.25 inches h
    1175 pixels w x 675 pixels h

    Live Area
    3.5 inches w x 2.0 inches h
    1050 pixels w x 600 pixels h

Postcard: 9″ x 6″ – DOWNLOAD TEMPLATE

  • postcard template for 9 by 6 inches
  • Specifications: 300dpi/CMYK


    With Bleed
    9.250 inches w x 6.250 inches h
    2775 pixels w x 1875 pixels h

    Live Area
    9.000 inches w x 6.000 inches h
    2700 pixels w x 1800 pixels h

Postcard: 8.5″ x 5.5″ – DOWNLOAD TEMPLATE


  • postcard template for 8.5 by 5.5 inches
  • Specifications: 300dpi/CMYK


    With Bleed
    8.750 inches w x 5.750 inches h
    2625 pixels w x 1725 pixels h

    Live Area
    8.500 inches w x 5.500 inches h
    2550 pixels w x 1650 pixels h


The inner flap is below the outer flap. Additionally, this template includes a free logo that can be edited with your own information.

  • A4 Trifold Template Outer
  • Specifications: 300dpi/CMYK


    With Bleed
    11.95 inches w x 8.50 inches h
    3586 pixels w x 2556 pixels h

    Live Area
    11.72 inches w x 8.30 inches h
    3516 pixels w x 2486 pixels h


  • A4 Trifold Template Inner

More Info

On all files, turn on guides to see the markers. The outer guide to the edge of the document defines the bleed area. All the area on the inside of these guides is the “live” document. Going beyond the bleed guide will result in “clipping” of any item that extends into the bleed area.

The inner guide is a suggested outer edge for all text or artwork. Going over this edge is usually okay.

The file is also designed with a blank layer and a matte later (so it’s easier to see guides on the transparency) in gray. You may hide any or all layers, as you see fit.

See reference file above.